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About Melissa

Melissa in King Cobra pose

Melissa in King Cobra pose

Born and bred in Singapore, Melissa Mak’s yoga journey started in 2007, when her good friend dragged her to her first yoga class. She thought she was off to a good ole nap on a rubber mat. Fast forward 6 years later, Melissa has encountered the many physical and mental benefits of yoga, such as peace of mind and overall fitness.

As newly minted Yoga Siromani (teacher) through the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre Kerala, Melissa is interested in helping athletes gain an extra edge in strength, flexibility and balance through yoga. She is a former triathlete and urban racer, who understands the necessary asanas to help an athlete become better at their sport.

Melissa is a believer in evidence-based yoga and co-founded The Scientific Yogi, with her mates who want to use science to demystify yoga’s benefits. The Group publishes their e-newsletters and contributes to InTheLoop. She holds 2 Science degrees in Statistics and Psychology from the National University of Singapore and University of Western Australia.

Currently, Melissa coaches at Ngee Ann Polytechnic as an Associate Sports Lecturer (Yoga). She also gives private yoga lessons to corporates and individuals looking to gain health and balance in their lives.

Melissa is contactable at her Facebook Page Shanti School of Yoga.


About Michael Cheung

Dr Michael Cheung in meditation

Dr Michael Cheung in meditation

Michael Cheung hails from the frosty yet beautiful city of Montréal, Canada. He is currently a resident physician at Hôpital St-Luc, specializing in Internal Medicine. He received his Doctorate in Medicine at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

Although enamoured by his career in medicine, Michael has spent the last few years searching for a more holistic approach to healthcare, one as concerned with the emotional and spiritual self as the physical body. This journey has taken him far away from his native land to India, where he took part in the Yoga Teacher’s Training Course at the Sivananda Ashram in Neyyar Dam, Kerala. After earning the title of Yoga Siromani, Michael returned home in the hopes of exposing those around him to this ancient source of wisdom.

Michael’s main interest lies in using yoga as a complement to Western medicine in order to help others achieve an optimal state of mental and physical health. He is particularly interested in promoting evidence-based yoga within the medical community. When he is not at the hospital or on the yoga mat, Michael enjoys delving into literary classics and strumming ditties on his guitar.

About A. Clark (Amrita)

Amrita in Eagle pose

Amrita in Eagle pose

I first discovered yoga almost eight years ago, in Vancouver. A close friend of mine asked me to join a small group class, being held in a small unmarked studio. I almost didn’t go, but decided at the last moment to attend. It was there that I met my first teacher and began my journey, from student to teacher. A constant process of learning and growing.

My name Amrita was passed on to me during my second yoga teacher training course in Kerala, India. It is a tradition after completing this intensive program, to give graduates spiritual names. The Sanskrit word Amrita is referred to as Nectar, the drink of the gods which bestows immortality. Amrita has inspired me to drop the sweet sap of nectar on the yogi students I teach. This drop of awakening is what drives me to continually transform and deepen my knowledge of yoga. I believe that all of us have the power to change our lives now, not tomorrow. It is from this rooted truth that I share yoga around the globe, knowing that we are all immortal souls wanting to live from a place of peace, happiness, and love. Yoga shows the way.

My teaching style is an infusion of mindful alignment and intentional breath. Teaching from the foundation of the Sivananda style of yoga, I also incorporate Ashtanga and Iyengar methods into my classes. I have had the opportunity to teach internationally and share my knowledge with people from all walks of life. I have just finished teaching in beautiful St Lucia and am now on a spiritual journey of India, South East Asia and Eastern Europe.

I can be reached at and here’s my blog


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  2. Shawna

    Hi Melissa
    I m trying to do yoga with 1fiesta but as ur weekly sat morning classes conflict with my schedule, I m wondering if u run classes (with 1fiesta or other) on other dates/times? Pls let me know…many thanks


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