About The Scientific Yogi

When we are in our yoga practice, we will hear our instructors tell us what are the benefits of specific postures and those words whizz by our ears (more often than not), as we focus .

You will hear statements like “Oh, this back bend is helping to lubricate your joints”, “Massage your glands” and so on. We know that yoga has clearly benefited us one way or another – the issue is how and why yoga has those results on our body.

As my own Swami-ji and gurus tried to educate me and my fellow writers about the benefits of yoga using Eastern philosophy, we felt a need to answer the specifics – how and what does yoga help?

Yoga is an ancient practice with physical, mental and emotional outcomes. It was recorded. It was documented. And as most of the modern Western world enjoy yoga as a wellness sport today, many scientists work hard on decoding the how and why does yoga make people healthy and well. There are now many scientific and academic journals covering yoga as a topic.

The Scientific Yogis (It is a group of us) scoured the Internet for these journals, and rewrote them for public consumption – just so you know that what your yoga teacher is saying is real. There will always be skeptics and we work hard to provide this additional information to you – dear reader. Yoga has benefitted us greatly and we hope that you can share this joy with your friends.

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